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Customer Review: "I received 'The Deep' today. Love it! Love It! Love it!  I can't decide what I love more, the artwork or the story behind it."  Michele R. - Mt. Ulla, NC


"The Deep" was my first painting created with this new technique of reacting paints and chemicals with steel to create abstract art on metal.  I was working on this piece but not being happy with the results, when a beautiful blue butterfly kept flitting around the artwork.  While the butterfly was gorgeous, I am deathly afraid of butterflies!  This harkens back to a childhood experience when one got stuck in my hair and my friends stood by shrieking in horror, but were of no assistance in helping to remove it.  Yet, I have come to know that God sends me butterflies.  This particular day, the butterfly would not leave my artwork alone, as I worked on it outside.  I took this as God’s sign to give up. After putting all of my supplies back into the garage, I wanted to look at the art again to determine if there was a way to salvage the painting.  On my way to the painting, I traveled the narrow path between the cars parked outside the garage and the garage doors, over to the place where the art was located, but the butterfly made a beeline right for me sending me running like crazy for cover.  “Apparently, I’m not even allowed to look at it”, I thought. 


The next day when I returned, the reactions had taken place overnight, and the results were beautiful! No further work needed to be done.  "The Deep" is available as a fine art print and comes with a frame to edge as seen in the additional thumbnails.


The Deep - Limited Edition on Aluminum

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    * Limited Edition Print on Aluminum

    * Your Choice of size.

    * Ready to Hang with a frame to edge. See additional photos.

    * Gloss finish which provides depth and richness.

    * Fully Insured Free Shipping

    * Certificate of Authenticity included

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