The Deep - Reproduction on Metal
  • The Deep - Reproduction

    Limited Edition Giclee (250) on aluminum.  It comes with a Frame to Edge ready for hanging and a Gloss Finish.   Free shipping.


    The Deep was my first piece of art done created with this new technique of reacting paints and chemicals with steel.  I was working on this piece but not being happy with the results, when a beautiful blue butterfly kept flitting around the artwork.  While the butterfly was gorgeous, I am deathly afraid of butterflies!  This harkens back to a childhood experience when one got stuck in my hair and my friends stood by shrieking in horror, but were of no assistance in helping to remove it.  Yet, I have come to know that God sends me butterflies.  This particular day, the butterfly would not leave my artwork alone, as I worked on it outside.  I took this as God’s sign to give up. After putting all of my supplies back into the garage, I wanted to look at the art again to determine if there was a way to salvage the painting.  On my way to the painting, I traveled the narrow path between the cars parked outside the garage and the garage doors, over to the place where the art was located, but the butterfly made a beeline right for me sending me running like crazy for cover.  “Apparently, I’m not even allowed to look at it”, I thought. 


    The next day when I returned, the reactions had taken place overnight, and the results were beautiful! No further work needed to be done.  The original painting on steel art is not for sale, however limited edition giclées are available for purchase.