Is Custom Design right for you?  Are you looking for a particular size and/or color scheme to fill that empty wall in your home, but can’t seem to find that perfect fit?  Are you a residential interior designer searching for that one-of-a kind piece to complete the vision that you have carefully crafted for your clients’ home?  Perhaps you are a corporate interior designer attempting to find the perfect pieces.  I will be happy to discuss your needs and desires, and work with you to bring your vision to fruition.

A commissioned painting begins with the process of determining the style of painting, the color scheme, the preferred finish, and size(s) that are required.  We will discuss desires from an aesthetic point of view in addition to a functional one. Once the parameters are set, the creation process, which includes creating the substrate from metal, the actual reactive painting process, which consists of multiple application of layers and reaction time, along the finishing process which includes three batches of three layers each, will begin.  During the reactive painting portion of the sequence, natural forces are at work driving the reactions on metal and are integral to the final outcome.  You will be given an opportunity to provide feedback when the artwork is taking shape.

When purchasing a commissioned work of art, you may choose the title for the painting.  You will also be able to choose the scripture reference that get placed under my signature that is considered the hallmark of my signature.  Or if you prefer, I can choose one for you.

A Certificate of Authenticity will also be provided with your purchase.

As the artist I retain the copyright for the art, along with the ability to use images of the artwork for advertising and promotions.  I also reserve the right to make a limited number of giclees for sale. However, you may choose to pay an additional fee, and no reproduction of you artwork will be produced.

Also note that I can provide reproductions of various sizes up to 96".  Also, I can take any painting and reproduce it as a diptych or triptych for you.  

“While attending one of Joyce’s art shows we told her we’d like a commissioned work. From the beginning Joyce knew how to listen to our requests and gain further understanding of our wants by asking questions. As the work progressed we were invited to view and comment on the production.


Then the day arrived.  Joyce came to our home with the finished art piece.  As it was hung in a place of honor we toasted it and Joyce, the creator.  Thank you, Joyce for granting my wish. It's Bellissimo!"


Suzan and Walt Strader