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Original Rusted Steel Abstract Paintings

Super Nova, Art by Vukela, original abstract metal wall art

When Paint, Metal and the Forces of Nature Collide….. 

 Art By                               Original Rusted Steel Abstract Paintings


Original Rusted Steel Abstract Paintings are fashioned by harnessing the physical processes of nature to create unparalleled works of beauty.  The process starts with shaping and preparing sheet metal into a canvas shape.  The additions of various acids, and paints rust the steel producing patterns that are integral to the art.  Paintings are sealed with an anti-yellowing clear automotive finish to protect the painting. These paintings can also be hung outside.  Original paintings are both touchable and have texture which varies by painting.  In addition, all paintings come ready to hang and do not need framing. Most employ a hanging edge on all four sides on the rear of the painting so they can be hung in any desired orientation: right side up; sideways; or upside down.

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Your questions answered:

How do I hang a steel painting? I recommend using a z-bar to hang your painting for these reasons: it is very secure; you have the ability to reposition a painting along the z-bar; it solves the situation where a stud may not be exactly where you want to hang your painting; and it allows you to hang your painting in any position you want.  Z-bars can be purchased on-line through various sources.  Since I am required to wire my paintings to meet gallery display requirements, you will receive your original painting wired for hanging on a nail with a picture hanger.  I just prefer the z-bar method for reasons I listed.  If you choose the z-bar method, you will need to remove the wire first.

Can an original be framed with a traditional frame?  Yes, the contemporary integrated frame allows for attachment of other types of frames.

Can I put my painting outside? Yes, but I recommend you keep it out of the elements, and out of direct sunlight, such as under a covered porch.

How long do they last? Indefinitely.  Your painting on steel was created with archival paints and has an automotive coating, so like an automobile the lifespan will depend on the conditions that your painting is subject to.  

Do you do commissions? Absolutely, you can find out more here.

"My daughter-in-law had a vision for a piece of artwork.  (Joyce was commissioned.) Joyce understood her concept and kept in touch with her to assure satisfaction. The final result perfectly and beautifully embraced the vision.  I love her work, so I merely gave Joyce guidance on some colors for my house and let her artistic juices flow. The end result exceeded my expectations."


Helen D., Lake Norman, NC

Exterior Installation
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