Seventh Seal - Reproduction
  • Seventh Seal - Reproduction


    Click on the link above the see this painting projected on YOUR wall, using the Free Hoverlay app.  The projection size is 20" x 20".


    Limited Reproductions (250) on Aluminum, with your choice of size, frame type (see additional photos), and finish.  Free Shipping.


    "Seventh Seal" was a painting that I did many experiments on in the studio and had not originally intended to sell it.  However, visitors to my studio seems to be drawn to the painting stashed in the corner.  Finally I was convinced that I should put on the finishing touches and offer it for sale.  It has a much darker mood that my typical work, and the goal was to find a suitable title.   I considered input from others and loved the name "Seventh Seal" when it was suggested.  It seems to capture the emotion of our world at the moment. 


    I believe that although the opening of the seventh seal in the Bible ushers in seven trumpet and seven bowl judgements, this is prophetically what will take place prior to the heaven being set up on earth, so there is something good at the end of this upheaval to look forward to in hope.