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Nautilus, an original abstract painting on steel.  In the ocean background you can clearly see the results of the chemical reactions between the materials used and the steel.  As with all of my original reactive paintings on steel, the viewing angle and light plays with the colors, particularly where the steel background shows through the layers of paint and finish.  This original painting measures 23" H x 47" W and floats 1.5 inches off the wall when hung.  The finish is  gloss.  I am partial to gloss for its depth and upscale contemporary look.


I enjoyed every moment of painting this nautilus shell.  However, it was not until I set my paintbrush down, that I remembered that I had originally planned an entirely different style for the nautilus.  I was in a zone and just enjoying the act of creating, so I believe I was meant to paint it just as I did. 

Nautilus - Original Reactive Painting on Steel

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