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Convergence: Whether two liquids, two ideas, or two wills, “Convergence” represents these entities coming together as one. In many respects “Convergence” represents my artistic practice in that I have been called by God to paint, yet the medium I have fallen in love with is one where the more I give up my will, the better the resultant art.  There is a constant struggle between my wanting to control the outcome, and my working with what is being created before me.   It is akin to being pushed along by a current, letting go of my idea that only photorealism counts as true art. In this painting the smooth turquoise and the foaming brown have not yet become fully miscible, representing to me that the process is in its beginning stages, and greater things are to come.


The original painting on steel measures 24” H x 40” W and includes an attached floating frame which allows the art to sit 1.5” from the wall.  “Convergence” has a stain finish.

Convergence, Original Painting on Steel

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