Celestial Storm - Reproduction
  • Celestial Storm - Reproduction

    Limited Reproductions (250) on Aluminum, with your choice of both frame type (see additional photos), and finish.  Free Shipping.



    Click on the button above to see it on your wall using the free App.  Projection size is 40" H x 40" W.


    Patterns created through chemical reactions between paint, acids, and the metal substrate of this painting, are reminiscent of the forces present when the universe was created. Many times the storms in my life are of a celestial essence where everything is out of my control despite my best efforts.  Yes, God is working through these storms, although I may not be able to see or understand, until the storm is over and I look back in hindsight, and maybe not even then.  These storms build my endurance, and through endurance my faith is strengthened.