When Paint, Metal, and the Forces of Nature Collide...

     ... Reactive Paintings on Metal

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My original paintings are created by combining paint, chemicals, metal and the physical laws of nature which result in chemical reactions that are integral to the finished abstract paintings.

Offerings and Serrvices

Touchable and textured paintings on steel.

Original fine art painting on steel.

Giclees on aluminum are available with your choice of size, frame type, and finish.

Edge of the Seagrass, original fine art painting on steel. on Wall.JPG

Creating one of a kind art specifically for you or your client's specifications.

How It's Created

Close up. Original painting on steel.

When Paint, Metal and the Forces of Nature Collide….. 

 Art By                        Reactive Paintings on Metal


Original Reactive Paintings on Metal are created by combining paints, chemicals, metal and the physical laws of nature to create beautiful works of art.  The process starts with shaping sheet metal into a canvas form and preparing the metal surface.  Next, chemicals and paints are applied in various combinations starting the reactive process that is integral to the art.  Typically multiple layers are employed prior to achieving the final result.  The finished product is sealed with an anti-yellowing clear automotive finish to protect the painting.  Original paintings are both touchable and have texture which varies by painting.  In addition, each piece employs a hanging edge on all four sides on the rear of the painting to allow for hanging in any orientation desired: right side up; sideways; or upside down.

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Augmented Reality

The Deep. Limited Edition fine art print on aluminum.

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This cutting edge technology allows you to see artwork on this site in the correct sizing on your own wall by simply using your mobile phone (android or IOS) or I-Pad.  No more guess work and worrying about whether the artwork works well in your space.  Just look for the button below on any product page.  Alternately, you can click on this button using your mobile device, and it will take you to my Studio on the free Hoverlay App, which gives you quick and easy access to to preview capability for a variety of paintings. You will be able to walk around and view the painting from different angles. In addition, you will be able to take a photo and video of the artwork in your space.

Fine art print on aluminum.  Outward Energy on metal.

The Artist


Rather than capturing beauty in nature, Artist Joyce Vukela-Mayer captures beauty through nature creating what she calls “reactive paintings on metal”.  Joyce starts with sheet metal which is formed into a canvas shape.  She then uses various chemicals, water, paint, pigments and time, and allows the environmental forces of nature to direct the path of her paintings, many of which have themes from nature in addition to being formed through natural processes like oxidation.


Art By Vukela
Joyce A. Vukela-Mayer

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