Visions of Earth - Print on Aluminum

Visions of Earth - Print on Aluminum



According to Andre Gide: “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist; the less the artist does, the better.”  “Visions of Earth” is exactly that, a collaboration. It is art that is formed by the One who controls the processes that result in nuanced whirls, bubbles, and colors; as the paints, chemicals, weather, and metal react together to form art. Just as the laws of nature form the plateaus, depressions, and interplay of colors of our planet, “Visions of Earth” is a bird’s eye view reminiscent of the processes that formed our planet’s ground and water features. It is a reminder to stop and truly see, to soak in beauty, bask in the evidence of the divine, be thankful for blessings, and to trust in the Creator so that one can truly live.


Your fine art print comes with a gloss finish and a ready-to-hang frame to edge.

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